Monetizing Smart Meter Data


Big Data challenge of smart meters presents possibilities for energy retailers to grow both their top line and bottom line, as well as provide additional value to the customers. Whether it’s accurate billing or advanced features enabled by smart metering like connected homes, there is a clear win for the consumers and providers alike. However, utilities companies must also carefully manage the risks inherent in smart meter adoption

Learn about:

  • How utilities can use smart metering technologies to offer similar rewards and loyalty programs as those offered by retail chains and airlines.
  • Ways for keeping customers engaged and altering their consumption pattern by integrating behavioral economics.
  • Techniques for fully leveraging the advantages of smart meters by exploring partnerships with other industries.
  • Methods for using Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) data to increase efficiencies at all levels of service.

Energy providers can benefit from the data collected by smart meters. Get to know how to do that by downloading EXL’s white paper Monetizing Smart Meter Data.


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