Impactibility Maximizing Opportunities And Reducing Risk

On a daily basis, organizations across the healthcare continuum are faced with an often overwhelming volume of critical decisions that must be handled quickly and efficiently. Institutional knowledge has traditionally been a source of truth to inform these decisions, but as healthcare becomes increasingly complex and their needs continue to grow, payers, providers and life sciences organizations are struggling to allocate the necessary financial and human resources to manage these issues. This dilemma is accentuated by the driving forces of value-based care, which provide incentive to improve care outcomes and reduce risk— feats that are becoming more difficult to achieve, given current resource restraints.

In light of these circumstances, healthcare organizations have a need for reliable, data-driven insights that identify gaps in care across populations, prioritize those that are most important to close and predict the effect that different approaches will have, thus allowing them to determine where they should expend their limited resources in order to deliver the outcomes they desire. This is the essence of impactability.

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