Total Population Health Management 2.0

An innovative approach to delivering healthcare in a reformed environment

One of every two working-age adults is diagnosed with a chronic condition, and as of 2012, more than a third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. Healthcare costs are rising with no signs of slowing. So how can health plans and employers adapt?

EXL's complimentary white paper discusses:

  • How and why health plans and employers should adopt a mindset of serving the totality of a population rather than focusing on the few who drive the majority of expensives
  • Why it's critical for health plans to understand their members and engage them appropriately
  • The ways in which health plans can take advantage of analytics throughout the stratification and engagement process

Analytics will play a vital role in how health plans gain insight into their subscriber base and determine success moving forward. EXL is uniquely positioned to help health plans grow with these changes. Get your copy of Total Population Health Management 2.0 today.