customer serving with mobile app: the next big thing in financial services

As customer servicing in financial institutions continues to evolve, the market is ripe for automated innovation. Mobile customer servicing is the next big thing in financial services.

The_next_BIG_thing_in_financial_services.pngOver the past four decades, customer servicing for financial institutions has evolved from banks to ATMs to e-banking.  Currently, mobile banking is on the rise just as use of mobile devices over desktop usage has exploded for Facebook, Amazon and mobile chat apps. Companies are leveraging this momentum to increase both customer satisfaction and revenue.

Download the infographic to learn:

  • Benefits of a mobile banking customer service app
  • Supporting facts and figures validating rise in mobile usage
  • Examples of companies investing and leveraging in this new servicing channel
  • How to put the benefits into action

Today most servicing is done through branches, call centers, web chat and non-interactive mobile apps. Looking ahead, exponential growth is expected in mobile banking. Read The next big thing in financial services to realize the benefits and find out what’s next.

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