Improving Kidney Transplant Outcomes Through Risk-Based Analytics

The list of patients awaiting kidney transplants perpetually outpaces the list of donors. Additionally, success rates for the operation vary widely across many different institutions. How can transplant centers better measure and improve their outcomes?

Potential underperformance in kidney transplant success rate often threatens institutions' participation in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) network and reimbursement status. Analytics can aid transplant centers by providing actionable insights into performance improvement.

EXL's complimentary white paper discusses:

  • How to utilize analytics to identify areas of weakness and improvement
  • How to choose a framework that addresses report cycling progress and avoids lag times
  • How to generate actionable insights from data

Analytics can empower organizations to take action and improve areas of weakness. Learn how to garner actionable insights from your data. Get your copy of Improving Kidney Transplant Outcomes Through Risk-Based Analytics today.