How PredicTive analytics can elevate HEDIS and CAHPS Scores to Optimize Revenue


Healthcare organizations are searching for effective and efficient methods to raise HEDIS scores, but their inability to integrate data has limited their ability to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Payers and providers have been unable to develop a reliable approach that combines predictive analytics insights with practical, pragmatic HEDIS interventions. However, health organizations that are able to combine predictive insights with action-based capabilities can expedite the closure of gaps in care, improve quality scores, and drive higher levels of revenue optimization, in turn creating a differentiated advantage.

Download EXL’s white paper to learn about:

  • Different methods to improve HEDIS results across clinical and administrative management
  • How HEDIS scores are directly tied to revenue and drive higher enrollments
  • Using HEDIS data to calculate national performance statistics

Get to know about the benefits of integrating non-traditional consumer and provider data into HEDIS targeted clinical programs by downloading EXL’s white paper titled, ‘How Predictive Analytics can elevate HEDIS and CAHPS scores to optimize revenue’.


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