Assessing Risk of Hospitalization in Member Population

Each year, more than 70 million people are admitted to hospitals in the US, contributing a huge amount to healthcare spending.
A significant portion of these hospitalizations are preventable, so how can we reduce the financial burden on healthcare systems?

The key to reducing the significant financial burden preventable hospitalizations place on the healthcare system lies in the ability to assess health risks early and identify patients at greatest risk for hospitalization in order to manage that risk. How can healthcare professionals best assess these risks?

EXL's complimentary white paper discusses:

  • The role analytics plays in identifying patients most at-risk for hospitalization
  • How EXL's algorithm accurately assesses these risks, contributing to preventative care
  • How to apply data found through analytics to manage the population most at risk

Effectively managing at-risk patients through preventative care significantly reduces the cost burden on the healthcare system. Learn how to identify your at-risk population. Get your copy of Assessing Risk of Hospitalization in Member Population today.