achieving the triple aim using analytics


Due to ever-increasing healthcare expenditures and inefficient modes of care, healthcare providers are under increased pressure to shift towards Patient Centric and Value-Based care. Such a transition demands the deployment of analytics to assess their current situation, identify opportunities for providers and overcome challenges in transitioning to newer payment models.

With the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing program and federal reimbursements now tied to the Triple Aim’s objectives, healthcare providers must find ways of leveraging data to optimize quality of care, reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction. Efficiently implementing analytics enables providers to make sustained, significant improvements in these essential areas.

Download EXL's white paper to learn:

  • Methods for tracking workloads, patient satisfaction and staff communication effectiveness
  • How analytics can decrease spending through resource utilization, appointment scheduling, and vendor management
  • Ways for using patient portals to improve physician performance and health management

Analytics can deliver the needed clarity and results for healthcare providers to succeed. For more specific ideas for your effective transition to a value based program and using analytics to get there download Achieving the Triple Aim using analytics today.


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